2021 Digital Journal

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Ready for 2021? With this Ultimate digital planner.It has a week to week planner and covers the whole of 2021. This planner is packed with over 150 pages. To cover 2021 Features included :Over 25 personalised pages Affirmations Annual journey planning Goal setting Habit tracker Health tracker Reflection Gratitude pages and exclusive tools to support you throughout the year. The Digital planner will be your partner and assistant throughout the year and will help you plan and stay focused. Organize all aspects of your life and achieve things that are most important to you with this Ultimate Digital Planner! It was designed to be aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. This planner is the ultimate productivity tool. I definitely incorporated my personality in the planner. You will not be dissatisfied.






This is a digital planner in PDF format, you are required to install a PDF annotation app first on your device, such as Goodnotes or android and Apple users can use PDF Hero.

5 reviews for 2021 Digital Journal

  1. @kadburys.Tom

    I purchased a hardback copy and I absolutely love it !
    I much prefer to have the actual pages to flick through my goals one by one because to me, they feel a lot more realistic when I can actually touch the words. Personally, I have always been motivated to strive, do better and think positive thoughts. So when I came across this diary I purchased it straight away as it literally combines all elements of goal setting, planning and a positive mentality. All very necessary for a fruitful future. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail, what can I say 🤷🏽‍♀️
    5 stars ! ❤️

  2. Sarah

    Love it
    I got the digtal copy and it very easy to use
    I love the self motivation sections it good to open something with good strong words
    Love it all
    Well done

  3. Ashleigh Phillips

    Amazing little book to get my daily inspiration and jot down my goals and tasks for the day! Love it!!

  4. Asha varsani

    I got the hard copy and I absolutely LOVE this planner, it is very motivating and reminds you of the goals you have set yourself dialy, a very positive planner😀. I personally love the habit tracker🤪. Highly recommended! 👌🏽Thank you Lesha

  5. Ms K

    As an avid journal user for many years, this has to be one of the best that I have ever purchased. I initially bought the online version, however I need to physically write on paper so when the hardback edition was released I didn’t hesitate to buy it. All of the bases are covered, from daily affirmations to goal setting and beyond. Added to that, its illustrated beautifully. I would highly recommend this.

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